Bat repair

Comprehensive bat repair service for any make of bat

Millichamp and Hall and pleased to provide a wide range of bat repair and refurbishment services to customers with any make of cricket bat. Our services are carried out by experienced staff at our workshops at the Somerset Country Ground in Taunton. If you wish to send us your bat for repair/service (non warranty), please complete our simple online form below, which will also enable you to pay for our services online. There is also an Express delivery option, meaning that we can get your trusty bat back to you in 2/3 working days.

Bat repair costs

Repair only - £15

Our highly trained repair team will identify what action to talk on the damade and carry out the repair work for you.

Bat service - £30

Our comprehensive bat service will entail us striping the bat and repairing any damage. We'll then sand the blade to finish it off, before relabelling it (M&H bats only) and giving the bat a new grip.

NEW: Prostate Cancer UK Bat service - £60*

Everything that our comprehensive bat service entails, including us finishing off your refurbished blade with our Limited Edition Prostate Cancer UK labels. *£10 + VAT of the retail price of every label set sold is given by Millichamp & Hall to Prostate Cancer UK (Registered charity no. 1005541).

Rehandle - £45

A broken handle doesn't mean the end of your beloved wand. We'll expertly remove the damaged handle before completing the repair work, sanding and supplying it back to you as good as new.

Rebalance - £30

Re-balancing your cricket bat essentially means reducing the weight of the blade. The size of the bat will depend on the viability of the rebalance.

Protective Facing - £5

We'll supply and fit your trusty wand with a protective bat face.

Ready to Play Service - £30

Our skilled repair team will take the inconvenience out of preparing your new cricket bat for you. We'll oil and knock the blade in so it's ready for you to use.

Toe Guard - £15

We'll supply and fit a rubberised toe gaurd ensuring your toe is well looked after and does not damage on various playing surfaces.

Online bat repair form

Please complete our form below to submit and pay for your bat repair or refurbishment service. We collect our payments via Paypal, and you do not need a Paypal account to use this service, although you will be asked to pay for your repair using a debit/credit card. Alternatively, you can also choose to download and complete our traditional bat repair form.


Sending us your bat

We recommend you send your bat to us by recorded delivery for security reasons. For warranty claims, please see the Warranty section on our website.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not the bat can be repaired you can send us an e-mail with a close up photo of the damage and we will advise you on the relevant repair. This could potentially save you the cost of postage if - in our opinion - it is not repairable. Alternatively you can give us a ring on 01823 327 755.

Download bat repair form