A culmination of M&H's 30 years experience.

Our batmakers have worked closely with professional cricketers to design and craft the ultimate profile to suit the demanding needs of today’s game. The C100, with its gravity defying size to weight ratio, provides a massive hitting area and exquisite balance. It's a favourite amongst our top order professional players who require a lightweight blade with unrivalled power. The C100 is the perfect bat for the stroke maker; or young cricketer making the move to their first adult bat.


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Adults: from £450 / Juniors: from £255
  • Dynamic semi-concaved profile with a tapered toe
  • Pronounced bow with a huge middle
  • Ultra lightweight adults bat with a starting weights from 2lb 06oz
  • Available in PLAYER, PRO and SPECIAL EDITION (SE) English Willow
  • Customisation available
  • Available in SH, LH, Harrow, and sizes 4-6
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C100 Series

C100 Player
C100 PLAYER Adults: £450 Junior (from): £225

Customisation available.

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C100 Pro
C100 PRO Adults: £550 Junior (from): £275

Customisation available.

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C100 SE
C100 SE Adults: £700 Junior (from): £350

Customisation available.

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