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We have seen bats that have lasted 10 years or more and some which have been totally destroyed in less than a season. It depends on how well the bat is prepared, maintained and used. Provided you hit the ‘sweet-spot’ every time there should be no problems and you can expect the bat to last several seasons!!
Yes we do – please see Bat Damage, Repairs and Other Services for more information and a form to send in to us with your bat. Please note that we cannot replace the stickers on non-M&H bats.
Yes, but numbers are limited and acceptance criteria are strictly adhered to. Please go to the sponsorship section for more information.
We understand your frustration if your M&H bat graphics have deteriorated with bat use but, to safeguard our reputation, we only supply replacement bat labels to customers if we can be certain that they are being used on genuine Millichamp and Hall bats. However, we will be happy to replace them here in our workshop at no extra charge. To replace labels the old labels need to be removed carefully then the bat should be sandedand polished before applying the new ones.
Please see our Distribution list. We supply individuals anywhere in the world. Please contact us for prices/delivery charges.
We receive many requests for donations but we are a relatively small company and restrict our support to local organisations.
The regulations require that cricket bat blades must be made of wood and cricket bat willow is the lightest wood with the properties essential for play.
The ICC defines the laws governing bats and equipment and the MCC are the custodians of the game. Information can be found on the internet.
Unlikely, unless it has been grown specifically for bat making. The only suitable variety is salix alba carrulea, which is not available in your average garden centre. If you are interested in growing willow commercially or you think you may have the right variety of willow tree then JS Wright & Sons, specialist suppliers of cricket bat willow, may be able to help. (
We have long established suppliers for much of the equipment and materials we use but if you think you can offer a product or service which may be of interest to us then post details to us for the attention of Tim Still.

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