Go Big Down Under

Millichamp and Hall has a rich history in Australia dating all the way back to 1987. Now, through our secure online store and competitive international shipping, we've made it even easier to own your very own Millichamp and Hall original. You can view our range of exceptional cricket bats below, including a short introductory video and a list of FAQ's that will cover all your pre-sales queries; including quality, delivery and VAT.

PRO Elite
Ultra-lightweight cricket bat featuring a classical profile and a huge middle.
£503 Incl. Delivery


Crafted using over-sized cleft, this hybrid bat features a prominent spine and an outstanding middle.
£420 Incl. Delivery


Our iconic blade, and all time best-seller, featuring an unmistakable low middle.
£337 Incl. Delivery


* AUD price listed as an example and may vary depending on changes to the exchange rate. Final cost in AUD is dependant on exchange rate on day of purchase.

International FAQ's

  • Do you provide international shipping on your gear?

    Millichamp and Hall ship globally on a regular basis; using only reputable, internationally recognised, courier providers. When you order with us, you can do so with confidence. Our worldwide delivery is reliable, efficient and safe.

  • Can I be assured of a quality cricket bat from Millichamp and Hall?

    When we select a bat for you, we do so based on a number of things. Requested weight, pick up, balance and performance. We have a worldwide reputation for making outstanding cricket bats, and have been trusted to do so for some of the best players in the world for over 30 years. It is a common misconception that performance is related to the number of grains in a bat. This is not the case. On all occasions, we endeavour to make a bat to your specifications, that has unrivalled playing qualities.

  • How do I order a cricket bat?

    We recommend all international orders are placed online via our secure online store at mandhstore.co.uk. Whilst all prices are listed in GBP, payment will be charged to you in your local currency based upon the exchange rate at time of purchase. If you'd prefer to place your order over the phone, then feel free to drop us a line on +44 1823 327 755, where we'd be happy to help you!

  • Do you accept PayPal payments?

    Whilst our online store doesn't accept PayPal, we are able to accept PayPal as a payment method. To discuss, please call us on +44 1823 327 755.

  • Is VAT included in my order?

    As you are based outside of the UK, we do not charge VAT (20%) on cricket bats shipped to Australia. The price listed in GBP above excludes VAT and includes international delivery charges.

  • What other charges do I need to be aware of?

    Additional charges by customs must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. If you are unsure of these, you should contact your local customs office for further information. Customs forms for all international packages list the value of your order's contents. Generally this is not a problem as the goods do not attract a high value.

  • What is the cost of delivery to Australia?

    Our carriage of our cricket bats to Australia is approximately £45 ($80). The price listed in GBP includes international delivery charges to Australia when a single cricket bat is purchased. Unfortunately, the cost of carriage does increase significantly when pads and bags are purchased. All of our international shipping is by courier - normally DHL - and orders are usually delivered within 10 - 14 working days. All of our parcel contents are insured against loss when sent in order to minimise the risk to the customer.

  • Can I also order soft goods and gear bundles?

    Absolutely! Whilst it is very cost effective to ship a single bat, the carriage cost does unfortunately increase significantly when pads and bags are added. Our gear bundles do offer great value for money (cricket bat, bag, pads and gloves) and carriage costs are approximately £150 ($265).

  • What sort of wood is used to make Millichamp and Hall bats?

    All of our crickets bats are made from the finest, pro-grade, English Willow. We don't compromise on quality and can assure you that only the finest willow will be used in crafting your cricket bat.

  • Are you able to send photographs of a bat prior to purchase?

    Unfortunately we're not able to send any photographs to customers of cricket bats to support sale enquiries. We're a small team and demand for our time - and bats - is high; please don't take it personally. We can promise you that we won't compromise on quality of your bat.

  • Will I need to knock in my new bat?

    All bats leaving our workshop for our international customers are knocked in and oiled by hand, meaning your bat is match ready!

  • What is the warranty policy on your cricket bats?

    Millichamp and Hall bats are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. However, as willow and cane are natural materials; these materials naturally deteriorate with use and even with the best preparation, cannot be made impervious to the effects of poor quality balls, mistimed shots, yorkers, excessive tapping, general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to accurately predict the life expectancy of a cricket bat. If you are making a warranty claim and you wish to send your bat back to us then please see our Warranty section of the website.

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