The PLAYER Series

Incorporating some the best elements of previous bats over our 30 years

The PLAYER Elite and PLAYER Hybrid.

The PLAYER cricket bat has been developed through customer feedback and - by incorporating some the best elements of previous bats over our 30 years - we’ve designed a range that can maximise your performance in all conditions and formats of the game. Like all of our 2017 ranges, the PLAYER edition is available in two distinctive profiles; the Hybrid and Elite. The PLAYER Hybrid features a large dynamic profile, a design favourite with both club and professional cricketers over the last five years, whilst the PLAYER Elite features a fuller profile, and is based on our multiple award winning Amplus and MH09 cricket bat.

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Adults: £450 / Harrow: £300 / Size 4-6: £250
  • Conforms to new bat regulations
  • Classical profile with a tapered toe
  • Traditional fuller profile ensuring exquisite balance and huge middle
  • Pronounced bow with a huge middle and with generous edges
  • Starting weights from 2lb 08oz
  • Available in SH, LH, Harrow, and sizes 4-6
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Adults: £450
  • Over-sized hybrid bat with a prominent spine
  • Sweeping profile ensuring an outstanding middle
  • Dynamic concaved profile ensures an unbelievable lightweight pickup
  • Starting weights from 2lb 09oz
  • Available in SH & LH
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PLAYER Batting Pads
PLAYER Batting Pads

Memory foam is the key feature of this lightweight and stylish pad, designed for long periods of batting.

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PLAYER Batting Gloves
PLAYER Batting Gloves

These test level gloves offer unrivalled protection and feature leather shark-tooth construction.

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PRO Duffle Kit Bag

Light and sturdy, the PRO Duffle II features a large storage capacity, featuring several external pockets, allows for easy access.

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