Trainer Spiking

Sports trainer spiking - full or half spike

Millichamp and Hall offers a comprehensive sports trainer spiking service for any make of trainer, which includes full spike, half spike and spike repair. Our trainer spiking service is available for any make of trainer. If you wish to send us your trainers, please complete a Sports Trainer Spiking Form and send it to us together with your trainers. If you would prefer to deliver your items in person, please contact us on 01823 327755.

Trainer spiking costs

Please note that whilst we will make every effort to ensure that our spikes will stand the test of time, every trainer is different, and we cannot guarantee any works 100%. If you drag your foot when bowling, lifting can occur in some instances. Please also note that any work carried out on your goods will void any existing manufacturers warranty that you may have on the goods. Our trainer spiking prices are as follows:

Full spike - £49.99
Half spike - £49.99
Half Spike with Pimple - £49.99

International orders

As the M&H brand has grown, so have we had more requests for our bats outside of the UK. We regularly ship our bats all around the world, with the USA, Australia, Dubai and South Africa being popular destinations. All of our international shipping is by courier - normally DHL - and orders are usually delivered within 10 - 14 working days. For more information about our carriage chanrges, and how best to order your M&H original cricket bat, please see our international sales page on our website.

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