The Flying Geese

Back in the early 90’s Millichamp & Hall formed a legendary team called the Flying Geese, a pitch was lovingly created next to the workshops in Bishops Lydeard & remembered fondly by those lucky enough to participate. The idea was to bring together Staff, Customers & M&H professionals for fun social games, a way to network and build a community with like minded people over the game we all love so much.

Alas when the company moved to the Somerset County Cricket Ground in 1996 the field of dreams was forgotten…
In a new world of ever increasing faceless communications we at M&H feel now, more than ever the importance of 'social’ interaction with our M&H family members.

We want to meet you all, play cricket with you, hear your cricketing stories, share a pint and get your feedback.

If you are an M&H customer and over the age of 18 then you are automatically enrolled in our wandering side!

We have two exciting fixtures to get involved with, apply for them here:

Our unique clothing range will also be coming soon including baggie blue caps, traditonal cricket jumpers, team shirts and t-shirts. This will be available to all Flying Geese members.

Remember, whatever your cricketing ability is, whether you bat 11 for your local Sunday side, open the bowling for your Saturday league team, there is always a place for you in the Flying Geese team. 

Think you can beat us?

The Flying Geese are always looking for additional fixtures. If you have a team that would be looking for a game, get in touch now. Don't worry if you are a team halfway around the world, If we can do it, we will.


To apply, applicants must be 18 and above. Please apply for each fixture individually via the links above.