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Custom Lions Blade (PRO)

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This winter we have two of our sponsored pros heading off to Australia with the England Lions squad, Tom Abell and James Bracey. For this, we have a very special series of bats that feature the best of both their normal bats. Tom uses a full profile F100 and James a concaved C100. Therefore we have crafted these combo blades to combine the best of both these bats. Featuring the same overall profile of our popular F100 bat, but with the concaving that allows us to make these huge blades, a weight desired by all.

They feature:

  • Semi oval handle
  • Edges: 40mm
  • Depth: 62mm
  • Blade: 550mm
  • Handle: 300mm
  • Toe: 26mm
  • Middle point from toe: 200mm

The bats feature a semi-round pressing.

  • Conforms to the MCC & ICC bat regulations.
  • Concave profile with a large tapered toe.
  • Traditional profile ensuring exquisite balance and a huge middle.
  • Pronounced bow with generous edges perfect for driving and playing off the front foot.

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