35 Year Anniversary Edition - Original Gold

Hidden away in a dusty corner of the famous M&H workshops is our master craftsman’s personal special reserve cleft selection. The very finest willow amassed over the last decade for his lucky chosen few.

Occasionally in a batch of wood, one piece stands out, a thing of beauty and unsurpassed performance, waiting for a truly deserving client to wield and appreciate.

We invite you to tell us why you would like to purchase one.

Having been a part of some of England’s most notable cricketing moments in recent history, Millichamp & Hall's classical Original bat is a masterpiece. It is sleek and elegant, and will take you back to a time when an expertly crafted piece of willow simply spoke for itself.


The Original features an exquisite full profile, tapered toe, generous edges and provides explosive power with perfect pick up and balance.
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