Bat warranty

We believe we produce some of the finest bats available anywhere in the world, and our aim is to get the optimum performance out of every cleft of willow that we transform into a cricket bat. We want our customers to be proud of their bats and for quality to be synonymous with the name ‘Millichamp and Hall’.

Willow and cane are natural materials used by Millichamp and Hall in accordance with the laws of the game. These materials naturally deteriorate with use and even with the best preparation, cannot be made impervious to the effects of yorkers, mistimed shots, the use of poor quality balls and normal wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to accurately predict the life expectancy of a cricket bat.

Millichamp and Hall bats are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. In all instances, we operate a fair wear and tear policy. In some cases products within the warranty period may be considered to have endured a fair and reasonable level of use. For example, a keen committed player, playing and training several times a week may wear through a product or products, inside the generic warranty period without any material or manufacturing fault being present.

Products damaged through heavy use, misuse or inappropriate product care would not be considered valid for a warranty claim. Goods displaying levels of wear, fatigue and deterioration proportionate to usage level and conditions of play, would also be exempt from a warranty claim.

Before any offer of action can be made, all products must be examined by us to verify a fault is present.

Please note that the warranty excludes damage caused by yorkers, mistimed shots (striking the shoulder of the bat), the use of poor quality balls and normal wear and tear. Cricket bats are not waterproof, and using or storing your bat in wet conditions will cause damage to your bat.

Please also be aware that whilst the face of the bat is hard, the rest of the bat (i.e. the edges and back) is soft and accidental damage may occur if the bat is not treated with care..


Bats returned under warranty will be assessed by the bat makers at M&H. Following assessment, the bat will either be repaired or, if repair is not viable, replaced or part replaced (i.e. a new bat offered at a significantly discounted price) depending on the nature of the damage and its general condition.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and our comprehensive aftersales service. We will always try to be fair and reasonable, especially in ‘grey area’ cases.

In order for us to provide any of these services or warranty claims, proof of purchase will be required.


If you are making a warranty claim and you wish to send your bat back to us, then please visit our repair and refurbishment page and select 'Warranty Claim' before heading to checkout. Please include all relevant details to support your claim and your original order number, along with your name and contact number.

Repairs carried out within the Millichamp and Hall 12 month warranty period are free of charge, however the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Subsequent repair and servicing is chargeable. For non-warranty work, please see our 'Bat Repair Page'. If you are uncertain about the damage and need advice before sending a bat to us please contact us on 01823327755.