Our Green Policy

At Millichamp and Hall, we are committed to avenues of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint in every way possible. As such, we have implemented practical ways to achieve this.

Our ethos has always been to produce the highest quality cricket equipment from the highest quality raw materials. With the manufacturing of cricket bats requiring the felling of trees, we have embarked on an ambitious program of planting, maintaining and eventually harvesting our own willow. In recent years we have begun this process planting our own trees locally in Somerset. In a staggered approach in conjunction with other suppliers, we aim to have continuous renewable resource for the future. We feel this is a key step towards sustainability as a cricket bat manufacturer.

Other practices we have in place, but are not limited to, include:

· A reduction in paper receipts. When purchasing online and in-store, you will be offered the option of receiving a digital receipt either via email or as a text.

· Where possible and practical, we try to re-use packaging. If you send us a bat for repair or refurbishment for example, we will endeavour to return it to you in the same packaging, thus reducing our use of cardboard boxes and protective materials. We may also do this for the packing of online orders. We would strongly encourage you where possible to avoid using polystyrene based products. It is not just cardboard that we save, we reform broken bats into training aids and furniture to further extend its life cycle.

· As often as we can, we recycle broken bats to make cut down bats, as well as training and coaching aids. We even use or donate them to make furniture.

· We were also delighted to support a program helping school children in Rwanda. We send a large quantity of broken bats to schools in Rwanda, allowing children to develop practical skills in the classroom using a scarce resource in that country. These bats are used for a variety of woodworking projects. The children will also repair them so they can be re-used, helping develop the game in an emerging nation.