Green Policy


Our ethos here at Millichamp and Hall has always been to produce the best quality cricket equipment from the best quality raw materials. However, the main product we sell is of course cricket bats, and the production of these requires us to cut down a large quantity of English Willow Trees each year. It is therefore our job to try and be as green as possible in all other areas. For this reason, we are aiming to stop using all printed receipts and invoices.

  • Did you know that almost half of till receipts that are printed by outlets are in fact un-recyclable due to containing the chemicals Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S. These have been classed as toxins by the European Union.

Now of course you do not want to be buying items without receiving any form of transaction receipt. We have therefore moved to a system with which you can choose to receive either an email or text receipt. After all, most receipts that are printed end up in landfill anyway!


  • As you can see above, in recent years we have begun the process of planting some of our own willow down here in Somerset. We feel this is a key step towards sustainablity as a cricket bat manufacturer and although this willow will not be ready for several years, our current suppliers are replanting their trees at a ten to one ratio. This is something we looked for when hunting for the best of the best!
  • Another key area in which we try to be as green as possible is that of packaging. We reuse all packaging that is sent to us, by re-packing our online orders in it, saving on cardboard in particular. It is not just cardboard that we save, we reform broken bats into training aids and furniture to further extend its life cycle.
  • We were also delighted to run a unique campaign in recent years, reforming old bats into kids bats to send to Rwanda. Helping to grow the game in a place where it is not currently well known certainly made us feel proud here at Millichamp and Hall.