Sizing guide

Please read these points before continuing to our guides!

* Please note these figures are our own custom sizes and therefore will not be the same as all the other manufactures around the world. Our handle length and blade length have been carefully crafted to maximise performance.*

* All the values on this table are approximate and due to the handmaking process there will be some natural variation in them.*

* Handles of all bats size three and above will be approximately 12 inches in length.*

* Please also note that an extra grip (1.5oz), facing, (1oz) and toe guard (0.5oz) all add to the weight of your finished bat. We store all of our bats in a controlled enviroment and the atmospheric conditions you keep your bat in may affect its overall weight. All our bats are weighed blank with one grip fitted.*

* If you would like the length of your blade or handle altered then please do let us know.*

 * Our Pad and Glove sizes below refer to batting pads and gloves. Please contact us directly if you wish to know the sizes of our keeping ranges.*