S200 Batting Gloves

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Our striking all white S200 batting gloves have been designed with the demands of facing the world's best and fastest bowlers in mind. These gloves offer unrivalled protection and comfort. Featuring leather shark-tooth construction and our unique ATEC finger protection system these gloves will be sure to become a favorite. Used by England Lion and Somerset player Tom Abell these gloves have been tested at the highest level.

    ⁃    Hybrid design (shark tooth and classic finger)
    ⁃    ATEC finger protection
    ⁃    Toweled thumb

Customer Review:

'My son has used this style of gloves for three years now and really would not use another style or brand. Half shark tooth and sausage finger is such a great idea. I would really recommend them to anyone who is playing the game, espically bowlers as their bowling fingers are extra protected.'

Andy - Guildford