Bat finding service

Our new bat finder form takes the hassle out of scouring the web for bargain bats! We have a wide selection of clearance and discounted bats to fit all budgets, and by using our simple bat-finder form this enables us to match your exact preferences to the clearance bats at our workshops. We have a wide range of discounted and refurbished cricket bats in stock, so whether you're looking for a new practice bat, or a good old fashioned bargain, simply complete our online form and let us do the rest. ** Please note that you'll need to be over the age of 16 to use this service.**

We have a good selection of discounted cricket bats in stock in our Taunton workshop. By completing our online form below, we'll begin the process of finding a bat that fits your description. Only once you're satisfied with the details we've provided you, will we then take payment and dispatch your blade to you!