Tim Still departs after a fantastic innings

Tim Still departs after a fantastic innings
Tim first got involved with Millichamp and Hall in 2005 and what a journey it has been!
What has been your favourite achievement here?
I’d like to think we have achieved some fantastic things during my time here and there are too many to fit in here. But my proudest moment was seeing Jack Leach at Headingley during the 2019 Ashes. That moment with Stokes gripped the whole cricket community, to see Jack achieve that with our Original range was awesome and something I’ll never forget.
Where are you off to?
I am going into field sales with Mars Wrigley in the South West so I won’t be too far away! I’ll be sure to drop off some chocolate bars for the guys to keep them going and make sure you still get your bats on time!
Favourite bat?
It has to be the Harlequin for me which has now transitioned to the F100. I think this profile is the best all-round bat and if I still played myself I would 100% be walking out to the middle with one.
Funniest moment?
This is probably quite a strange one for a lot of you and it was certainly for us here, but we ended up making a bat for the Pope. Yes, the Pope!
Favourite product?
Ahh, it has to be the Trucker cap! I can’t go anywhere without one, you’ll see me in the stands at Exeter City on a Saturday sporting my Red and Green version supporting the boys.
The thing you won’t miss?
Without doubt, it will be those freezing January mornings in the workshop knocking in bats!
We will certainly miss having Tim here at Millichamp & Hall and wish him all the best on his next endevour!