Womans Cricket at M&H

Womans Cricket at M&H

Here at Millichamp and Hall we support a number of female players at international and domestic level including: Rebecca Stockell (Ireland), Naomi Dattani (Middlesex & Sunrisers), Amara Carr  (Middlesex & Sunrisers), Emily Windsor (Hampshire & Vipers), Kira Chathli (Surrey & Stars), Alex Griffiths (Wales & Storm), Liberty Heap (Lancashire) and Daisy Mullan (Lancashire) and many more.

As a cricket company we strive to help grow the game and this starts from an early age through our junior sponsorship program. Lots of the players named above have been apart of the #mandhfamily for a number of years before reaching the professional ranks. If you too would like support in trying to join them, then please fill our sponsorship application form here: Sponsorship Form


Emily Windsor cuts the ball away for the Southern Vipers

We understand the importance of equipment, especially bats, and how they can affect performance. We have the ability to produce huge profile blades at a relatively light weight. These have been crafted with the help of our female professionals and have proven to be very popular with all our female customers; as they look for top level performance at the lightest weight possible. If you would like to know more about our bat ranges or getting a bat suited to you then please drop us an email to: info@millichampandhall.co.uk or give us a call on 01823 327755.


Amara Carr of Middlesex prepares for a pull shot