#mandhfamily win the Hundred

#mandhfamily win the Hundred

Emily Windsor had possible the highlight of her career last Saturday, as the Oval Invincibles beat the Southern Brave to become back to back Hundred champions. Windsor had the crowning moment, scoring the winning runs to seal the victory for the London side.

“I still cannot believe we have won it, to be honest, it certainly hasn’t sunk in.”

“To score the winning runs, in front of 20,000 people, not to mention the people who were watching on TV, it’s safe to say the phone hasn’t stopped buzzing.”

Windsor spoke about the Hundred, following the conclusion of its second season.

“Having the opportunity to play with and against some of the world’s best professionals has really made a difference,” Windsor said.

 “Just on our team having someone like Suzie Bates, one of the best batters in the world enables you to see how the professionals at the top of their game do it.”

“It was not just the competition that improved, the crowds got bigger, which was noticeable when playing in these big cricket stadiums.

“I really did relish the time I spent on the field, whether that be fielding or batting.”

Though a Hundred winning moment would be tough to beat, as a professional, Windsor is eager to improve and aspires to create more special moments between the wickets.

“Raising the bar from here is a huge step, but if I continue to score runs and especially match winning runs, that will give me the opportunity to go full time following my physiotherapy degree and really push on.”

Windsor’s winning runs came off the C100 bat with ‘Mode’ decals. Windsor has used the C100 profile ever since she first joined the M&H family. Speaking on the bat, Windsor said:

“I am not the strongest of players, however, having fast hands whilst using the concaved profiles enables you to hit through the ball at a quick speed, find the gaps and manipulate the field.”

“Not that the game is based on aesthetics, but the structure of the profile, along with the labels, really gives me that ‘look good, feel good mentality.”

Emily will be finishing her Physiotherapy course this winter along with some much needed downtime before she begins her 2023 season preparations.