Spotlight on: Niamh Muir - Scotland Under 17 player

Spotlight on: Niamh Muir - Scotland Under 17 player
We caught up with Niamh's dad Duncan to discuss her cricketing journey so far!
"In early August, Niamh travels with Scotland down to Worcestershire to Malvern College with the Under 15 side, however, she has been in the u17 squad which would have been going to Holland on tour to play in a triangular tournament which Ireland was also a part of. Malvern will be exciting for her as she is competing against Girls of her own age group so it gives her a good indication of where she stands.

Niamh only got into cricket two years ago, she had a net session with the South African overseas at our club and was hooked. The next thing you know I was giving her throwdowns in the nets, we borrowed the bowling machine from our club, and even then, we've ended up getting a cricket net in our garden as she wanted one to improve her game. She's been playing a lot of cricket against men as well and holding her own so she's definitely improving.

When she first started she borrowed some pads, gloves, and a helmet. Then after a recommendation, we headed down to the Burnley store where she was fitted and kitted out with all M&H equipment. Niamh found that the pickup of the bat was completely different from other bats. She had a connection she could not get with another bat. That connection with a bat is key as she moves up the Scotland ranks, going from the u15 to the u17s, and hopefully that progression into the senior team. There are bats out there for her that are a cheaper price, however, she feels in herself she does not have the best chance to succeed without an M&H. Her bat is an extension of Niamh's arms.

She loves Ben Stokes, being an all-rounder herself. She admires how he tackled adversity, and how he came back to succeed. It shows you can make mistakes, but you can correct them and go again, sort of thing. Something to know, especially when you've got the talent.

With some of Scotland women's teams being represented in the Hundred, it certainly gives Niamh the motivation to go out and work hard to achieve her dreams of playing cricket. In terms of the hundred, she played for Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago in the hundred format. Niamh felt the style was interesting, however, she thoroughly enjoyed it."
Everyone here at M&H wishes Niamh the best on her cricketing journey and hopefully one day she will join the professional ranks!