Spotlight on: Liberty Heap - Lancashire & Northern Thunder

Spotlight on: Liberty Heap - Lancashire & Northern Thunder

We caught up with Liberty to discuss her cricketing journey so far and here is what she had to say:

"The first time I really started playing cricket was at school, I enjoyed it so much my dad took me down to Lowerhouse Cricket Club. My dad played there so he took me to some sessions which I really enjoyed. Soon after I was playing for Lancashire under 8’s and I’ve been playing for the Red Roses ever since. I’m in the under 18’s now, so it’s been nearly 10 years. 

I got into the North West Thunder squad last year, which was a massive step up, however, I’ve been welcomed by a great bunch. Playing with teammates who have a wealth of experience, like World Cup Winner Alex Hartley has been fantastic for my development.

I Certainly believe playing men’s cricket has had a huge part to play in my progression, it’s not easy as a young girl to play for a men’s side. However, it forces you out of your comfort zone which can be nerve wracking at first. It builds character though, something I recommend for any young girl to do. 

Someone told me when you get into a career, over time you will start to under appreciate what you do and the love for it will fade. However, being in my shoes I certainly do not see this happening. I am happy with where I am, and I am excited for the next couple of years. I would like to be a senior player soon, giving advice to the other young girls coming through.

I really appreciate the support from M&H and their Burnley store, and the M&H family, their bats are simply the best."

Go well Liberty!