Caring for your new bat

Caring for your new bat
It’s that time of year here at M&H, new bats, new kit, and new opportunities. We have been very busy sending out new blades for our #mandhfamily members ahead of the 2022 season.
At Millichamp and Hall, one aspect the team prides themselves on is that our bats when they arrive in your hands come fully oiled and knocked in. We have done the hard work; however, it is still important to look after your bats once they arrive.
There is a circulation of cricket balls that are of poor quality, old ones that are damp, and some which are damaged leading to them causing damage to your bat. Damp balls increase in weight making them heavier. Furthermore, damp balls will lead to the willow deteriorating quicker as the moisture in the wood makes it softer. Therefore, we always apply facings to counter this and protect the face and the prized middle.
We also would like to make customers aware that using a brand-new bat straight away with a coloured ball can create a risk for your prized blade. This is due to the coloured balls, like pink, orange, and white being painted with another coat of lacquer making them significantly harder than standard red leather balls. This means in an attacking form of cricket, using your new bat can have risks.
All in all, we encourage our customers to treat their bats with good care, applying clear nail varnish to the toe on damp days to prevent moisture from entering if a toe guard is not fitted. We also encourage our customers to send their bats to us once a year, (maybe more depending on the use of the bat) for a refurb.
We thank you once again for your support of M&H and encourage you to send as many photos as you can during the season so we can share your amazing stories and successes.