Tom Abell on the T10 and Pakistan Super League

Tom Abell on the T10 and Pakistan Super League

So what have you been up to in Abu Dhabi so far?

I have been in quarantine Abu Dhabi for 3 days now ahead of the Abu Dhabi T10, and we are due to get bout for our first training tomorrow which I am looking forward to! I’ve not made it out of the room yet due to the current restrictions so I have done a couple of makeshift fitness sessions and a bit of yoga in my room, just so I am ready to go when we do start training and games.

How else have you been entertaining yourself?

Aside from the above, room service at meal times is probably the time of day I most look forward to! I have bought my ukulele out here to try and learn a few songs, but not made much progress with that unfortunately. I enjoy watching movies so Netflix has come in pretty useful in the evenings! We always have the COVID tests to look forward to in the evenings too!

Are you enjoying the food?

The food has been great to be fair. The hospitality here is unbelievable and we get our meals delivered to our rooms. When you aren’t able to do too much in the room, I usually get the munchies so that has been a bit of a challenge, not having any snacks during the day! Usually meal times are a great opportunity to get together as a team however I don’t know if that is going to be possible during this competition.

Tom Abells bat in for a quick clean up

*Tom dropped his bat off for a quick clean up before heading off to Dubai.

How strange is it touring with the current restrictions?

Naturally it is very different with all the COVID protocols in place, however it is a small price to pay to be able to get the opportunity to play. Every measure is being taken to ensure the safety of everyone, and you just have to accept the current situation. We are out of quarantine tomorrow so I am really looking forward to getting into training, and then hopefully I can push for an opportunity in the team, but there are some top players and there will be a fair bit of competition.

After BPL last year, it must be great for you to experience these overseas competitions?

Absolutely! I didn’t necessarily anticipate getting these opportunities however to be involved in the PSL and now the T10 is really exciting from a personal point of view. They present a chance to play and train with some world class players, and that can only improve me as a player I hope. Ultimately, it is now down to me to earn the right to play in the respective teams and perform in these competitions. Of course I am reluctant to be away from Somerset, but the boys have created an amazing environment to be a part of, and hopefully I will return to the club a better player!